Gonzo’s Quest Touch for Mobile users

Gonzo’s Quest Touch slot is based on the mystical city of El Dorado, where it is Gonzo’s mission to find all the gold the legend claims is hidden there.

The theme of the original game is to make you feel like you have stepped into the fantastical lands that the fantasy lovers will adore. However, the touch version of the game is all about the game and nothing else.

What that means is you get the game with its basic rules and features in play.

What the touch version entails?

The best thing about is that you get your favourite slot games on your fingertips. This version is basically for all your touch systems. Instead of click clacking away on the computer versions, you can now step ahead and play the game anywhere you are with just a touch.

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The Differences

Nothing is much different in this version of the game except you don’t see Gonzo dancing all over your screen. Basically, it is a milder and simpler version of the game. But in no way is it any less fun, you get the simpler and basic version with all the advantages and no distractions to boot.

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Touch Features

The game has all the essential features. With scatter symbols and wild symbols, you not only get the free spins but also the avalanche feature to go with it.

Although the game is played for fun as well as for money, there are no major winnings in it. But, it still has return rate of 94%. This means that people keep coming back to it because of its fun features.

You get the less ostentatious version of the game with more basic graphics. You just have fun playing the game, test your luck and the totems and headdresses are still there, so are not really missing out on anything.

With the option to play your favorite game just at your fingertips, who would want to return to the old ways anyway. You don’t have to take my word for it instead give this version a shot and see the benefits yourself.

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