Gonzo’s Quest slots on iPhone and iPad with Free Download

Gonzo’s Quest slot game that was originally designed as a slot in casinos is now renowned for its compatibility with almost all the devices. But the one worth mentioning here is the iOS.

Or as we call it, for all the apple devices. All apple devices have iOS, which is a powerful and sophisticated operating system. And designing a game compatible for it is no small feat.

But developers like NetEnt have managed to bring your favourite slot game to small screens. So you can now get your fix of the game anywhere you are.


The game is based on legends of the famous jungles of El Dorado. The game has one guy named Gonzo searching for treasure all over the temples of the legendary city.


The game in all its entirety is just a version of the original game. It has all the benefits that you gain with help of wild symbols, scatter symbols and the free spins.

These win you great combos. You can play it for fun or for real money. The point is, for you to be able to do these through your iPads and iPhones.

Gonzo's Quest iOS Download. iOS Download

The game has the usual totems and headdresses that give you the archeological feel of the game. With that in mind, let’s discuss what the difference is between the Mac and iPhone versions of the game. The thing is, you get the game in all its entirety with all the amazing graphics as well as the additional animations.

That is not the case for the games you play in you iPhones. But that works in your best interest. It just strips the game off all its distracting features by forgoing the animations. And this way you get to play the basic version of the game and get all the winning combos from the advantages to boot.


The game has graphics and interface that is commendable. Case in point, you can play it any one of your Apple devices that has iOS as the operating system. So you can get your gaming fix anywhere you are.

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